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We can separate your departments into different "mini networks" called VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks). This is crucial if you want to separate HR or Accounting department from being seen from other departments on the network such as Marketing or Sales.


Let us lock down your network so it is safe and secured. We can also implement Content Filtering to ensure that your organization has a safe and secured browsing experience.


We can setup a remote connection via VPN (Virtual Private Network) so you can connect any device to your network from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Routing

Need Port Forwarding? Or advanced routing from one subnet going out but not in? We can do it!



You can have up to 4 SSID's (Wireless Networks) on your network! This enables you to have separate Wireless networks depending on your VLAN configuration.

Auto Channeling

Wireless interference is always a problem, we can establish a scan on your network to run daily to check for surrounding wireless networks to ensure that your network will not fall victim to wireless interference.

Load Balancing

We can establish load balancing between SSID's to make sure that you have a balanced number of clients connected to your Access Points.

Security Cameras

Local Recording

We give you the ability to store up to 5TB of video recording locally on your network!

Cloud Access

Through a simple app you can login and see your security cameras live without needing to physically be onsite.

Control Station

Have the ability to view up to 16 cameras from one screen! This lets you see and what's happening at your organization at all times!

Motion Detection

All cameras have motion detection so you can create a schedule as to when you want the motion to start monitoring. You can also turn off the motion detection per camera as well.


When there is motion detected during a time that no one should be at your organization you will be alerted immediately!

Guest WiFi

Securing the Guest Network

Lock down your guest network so they can only access the internet and nothing on your corporate network.

Guest WiFi Portal

We can create a customized look to your Guest WiFi Portal including brand logo and colors and much more!

Limit Guest Network Bandwidth

Being able to limit the amount of bandwidth is being accessed on the guest network is crucial to your organization. This limit helps provide adequate bandwidth to your guests while leaving ample bandwidth for your corporate network to use.

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