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Web Services

What makes us stand out?

Client Requests

We listen to you as the client because after all, it is your website! Our design and development team will not only meet but exceed your expectations of the design and functionality of the website.

Response Time

Our response time is insanely fast! We take your time very seriously, which is why we are able to resolve most requests within one hour of submission!

Life Time Support

Our life time support is the reason we hold a very strong client retention rate. We will maintain your website for you so you don't have to worry about your website being hacked or outdated.

Best Design Quality

When we start the design and development process with you, we have one goal in mind...make this website future proof! We want this website design to serve and meet your needs in the years to come!

Our Development Process

Step 1
We want to know more about you! We ask questions that will help us understand you, your style, what kind of layout do you want, and what is your target audience. These questions are crucial for us setting up the perfect website for you!
Step 1
Step 2
Let’s do this! Once we have all the information we need to get started we can start organizing and putting things in motion. We will create a road map and work with you on creating your dream website. We take our clients and make them partners!
Step 2
Step 3
We focus on what you like and want on your website and apply that concept throughout the design of your website. We focus on what your website will not only look like but also how it will function and be attractive to your visitors.
Step 3
Step 4
Customized Coding
Now comes to the fun stuff! Things are about to get geeky. We code the website to compliment the design and the layout you’ve chosen in the previous steps. This is where you start to see the website build and come together.
Step 4
Step 5
Ready to Launch!
We did it! We have launched your website into cyberspace! Now just sit back and enjoy the smooth ride!
Step 5

Our Web Development Statistics

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What do I get when I sign up?

What’s Included:
Web Hosting
Not only do we develop websites but we also host your website for you. We truly are a one-stop-shop for everything you need for your website. We give you lots of space for your amazing content and media and ensure that your website runs at optimum performance 24/7.
Email Hosting
Depending on your business needs, we offer either GSuite Apps or Microsoft Office365. We will get your email accounts setup and ensure everything is working for you.
Daily Backups
Our web server runs backups every night at 2am to ensure that any changes that are made are able to be recovered. Not only are the backups made daily, but they are also sent offsite for additional backup security for you.
Domain Registration/Renewal
We will take care of your domain registration and renewal so you don’t have to worry about your domain expiring or forgetting to renew your domain.
Security Monitoring
Security is a critical part of our development, we will ensure that your website is safe and secured from any and all unwanted intruders.
Basic SEO
We will provide a basic SEO service to ensure your website shows up on search engines such as Google or Bing.
Social Media Integration
We know social media is a huge part of our society and how we relate and communicate with each other. Let us integrate social media into your website like you never thought was possible.
Website Software Updates
We want you to rest assured that your website software will be up to date so your website will run at its optimum performance.
eCommerce Support
Want to sale products on your website? No problem! We have the skills and the tools to create even the most complex products and simplify it so it is easy for your customers to purchase directly on your website.

Ready to get started on your new project?

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